From:  Ross Ogden [SMTP:rossoggy-at-yahoo-dot-com]
Sent:  Saturday, June 06, 1998 4:53 AM
To:  Tesla List

Hello Tesla List I am in the uk and have a tesla coil which is half
finished it has been finished a number of times but keeps on breaking
down. My main problem is getting parts at a buget price. They are so
many regulations ive heard about neon sign xfmrs its rediculous. I am
not very old (i wont tell you) and i still managed to get 1x 10kv,20mA
1x 10kv,30mA Obit but this costed me 70 would of been more if i
hadent got the 30ma cheap. What im really trying to say is where do
all the Uk tesla builders get there parts from i know there are other
coilers in the Uk because of the teslathon where are they getting
there parts. 

I im really thinking about quiting my current coil its only 2" by 14"
which is a lousy H-D the spark gap is falling to bits and it looks a
complete shambles. I would like to start a new coil about 1kva from
scrach but im on a budget does any body have any NST's for sale in the
UK ??.
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