1/4 Wave Theories - Trash Them!

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Tesla List wrote:

> Terry and Malcolm,
> Good point! Streamer propagation requires a source of "instantaneous"
> charge on-tap to provide the energy required to extend the ionized path
> as well as charge the incremental capacitance associated with the newly
> increased streamer length. Voltage collapse at the source (toroid in
> this case) stops the streamer growth process until the toroid voltage
> can "recharge" enough (through to coil's inductance) to resume the
> process anew.
> -- Bert --

This phenomenon is well described in most works on spark discharges.
This is why the rise time of the pulse and the available C has a huge
effect on leader propagation.

In fact, some experimenters have noticed that the current at the base of
the leader can actually flow both ways. First, charge flows out into the
leader, as long as the terminal voltage is greater than the leader's.
Then, if the terminal voltage drops (say due to its C being discharged),
the current can actually flow back through the leader into the terminal.