Changing NST Input Freq??

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lower freq will make your tranformer overheat and destroy itself - same
thing that happens when you run a 400Hz transformer on 60 Hz.

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>> Subject:  Changing NST Input Freq??
>> I dismantled some old telephone gear recently and have a rather large
>> frequency divider.  Input 60hz, Output 30hz.  It was hooked up with a
>> sized transformer and I think it may handle the current draw of an NST.
>> So what would the effect be on the NST's output??  I seem to recall a
>> discussion that lower the freq may raise the Out current and lower the
>> voltage, is this correct?
>> Thanks,
>> dj
>While running a transformer designed to operate at 60 Hz at 50Hz will
>usually work for intermittent duty, running it at 30 Hz will most likely
>cause the transformer to overheat and have lower output due to core
>saturation effects.
>-- Bert --