chokes, bad resistors(EMS)

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Subject:  Re: chokes, bad resistors(EMS)

    Just a thought.  Maybe you could fashion a resistor from a graphite rod,
if you can find a way to connect wire to it.  It would be a high resistance
that would go down slightly as it warmed up(negative temperature coefficient).
You would just have to figure out how much resistance you want and use a rod
that was of the right length and diameter to achieve it.  This thought
occurred to me because a friend of mine gave me a high power resistor made
from a carbon tube that was silvered on the ends for connections.  I don't
know how that was done, but it was probably deposited electrolytically.  The
trick there is to get the deposit to stick.  If this interests you at all, I
can try to make one at work as I have the necessary equipment and even some
1/4 graphite rods to experiment with.
Mike Hollingsworth