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> Subject:  Tube Tester
> I traded some wire for a O-scope but it doesn't work.  It's a tube type
> unit.  If I can get it to work I can use it to check out some things on my TC's.
> Does anyone have a tube tester for sale?
> If anyone sees a good used tube tester at a reasonable price at a ham fest
> and doesn't mind to buy it I will be glad to take it off your hands.  I have
> no idea what to expect a good price to be.  I suppose it depends on the name
> brand and and quality of the unit.  
> Nashville TN has 1 ham fest a year and its a DUD.  I have been to it several
> times and its always a waste of time.  Everyone seems to all know each other
> and they all seem to be there only to visit, not to sell anything.
> Gary Weaver


I have a Stark Model 9-66 Transconductance Tester.  It is a good tube 
tester which packs like a suitcase.  If you can find one in working 
condition for $100-$150 you won't go wrong.

Good luck.

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