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>                          Hi!
>I've looked at the teslathon link posted on this list and there is an
>interesting photo with a nozzle lying on a Tesla generator with a bottle of
>argon attached to it. Sadly the generator doesn't seem to run, so how would this
>look like?
What do you mean ? If you mean there are no sparks, this is because
the argon tube is sucking all the power - discharges happen in argon
more easily than in air. My 'fun with argon' page 
has more info, and a link to stuff elsewhere.
 Remember the ambient light on the teslathon photo was quite high -
the tube lit up a lot brighter than it looks in the picture.
> Is it worth buying a bottle of argon? 
A small one, yes!

I had a thought on another argon experiment I'd like to try: 
Set up a jar or tube of clear mineral oil, containing two  electrodes,
one connected to the coil, the other connected to (or other within
striking range) of ground , spaced such that the coil discharge won't
break down the oil's insulation (i.e. nothing happens when you zap
it). Then bubble a stream of argon through the oil - would the bubbles
light up?

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