Coils in Toledo??

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Resonance Research designed and built the large inverted TC which is housed
at the Toledo Museum of Science (COSI - Toledo) at the river in downtown
Toledo.  This unit delivers 1,000,000 plus volts at 170 KHz and is mounted
to the ceiling.  Visitors can stand directly below the secondary terminal
as the discharge strikes a screen above them.

Enjoy your trip.


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> Subject: Coils in Toledo??
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> Coilers,
>  My travel plans require me to squander a few hours in Toledo, OH this 
> Thursday.
>  I recall someone mentioning some sort of tesla coil at a museum or 
> whatnot in that general area.
>  If anyone has any information about this - I'd appreciate it if you'd 
> drop me a line (off list). I'm off the net for a few days after 
> wednesday night! :(
> Thanks!
> Bill Pollack (arcstarter)