Wood Welder TC

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>>I open the unit up today and cleaned as much saw dust as I could get
>>out without actually washing it out.

	I picked up a flatbed scanner last week. I've taken some
photos and scanned them. I am not happy with the photos. The color and
contrast are both off. I'm not sure if it's the result of old film or
the processing lab mucking up because the shots of my halloween
decorations on fuji film developed at the same time are great. For
theses photos I used a roll of 2 year old Ektar 25 film.

Any suggestions (off list to jim.fosse-at-bjt-dot-net) on improving the scan?
I used 300 dpi and then saved in jpg format with a 50 quality factor.

at ftp.bjt-dot-net/users/jfosse you will find:

The wood files are of the wood welder I posted about last april.

Wood_833As shows the tubes with their filaments lit (the photo just
does not show the beauty of these bottles when lit). 

Wood_back shows the open back of the unit. 

Wood_front shows the (closed) front panel and controls and the
"welding" head. Unfortunately, the close up pictures of the welding
head did not turn out.

Wood_inside shows the removed inner chassis. The rectangular metal
frame in the center holds the tank capacitor on standoffs. The 12 ga.
wire that goes from standoff through the tank capacitor holder to the
other standoff is the grid feedback pickup. In the top center of this
picture you can see the single turn 12 ga. pickup that drives the
"welder" head.
  wood_833As.JPG                                        84 Kb
  wood_back.JPG                                        108 Kb
  wood_front.JPG                                        97 Kb
  wood_inside.JPG                                       94 Kb
  wood_tank.JPG                                         98 Kb

Also, the cw files are of a 180kV 5ma Crockroft Walton multiplier. The
cw_all photo shows the assembly from the top. The outer 2 boards are
the cap strings, the middle boards are the HV divider string. 

The cw_diode_string photo shows the bottom of the motherboard with all
the diodes. 

The cw_driver photo shows the "6 pack" of flybacks that drives the cw
multiplier string.

  cw_all.JPG                                            90 Kb
  cw_diode_string.JPG                                   84 Kb
  cw_driver.JPG                                         73 Kb