chokes-new question

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Hi all,
       Just for the record - this little system was the magnifier I 
scoped a month or two back to check the magnifier modelling going on 
at the time. System frequency was around 500kHz. Only difference 
between those tests and this recent firing in the setup itself is 
that the topload I used for firing was a bit smaller than that used 
in the scope tests. Ksys was about 0.09 from memory.


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> Hi all,
>          I fired a small coil this weekend using a 5kV 30mA NST. I 
> used *no* fitering components at all. The transformer to gap leads 
> were just a few inches long. The gap is effectively hard up against 
> the transformer terminals. It was set to fire at 7-8kV. Charging was 
> resonant but not pure as the primary cap on hand was a bit too high a 
> value to exactly hit mains resonance. I got nice 12" air streamers 
> off the coil. The primary was dreadfully lossy and I expect much 
> better once the driver is oil-submerged to eliminate coronas. 
> Resonant charging was evidenced by the 2-3BPS gap firing at a 30% 
> variac setting.