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> I have a secondary that is 4" PVC and the coil is 18.5 inches long.  It is
> wound with 21 guage wire, enameled.
> The tank circuit is a 15Kv 30ma NST with a .0049 Mf bottle capacitor.
> It uses a RQ gap with 4 gaps.
> My terminal is a torus 4"X14"
> What type of primary would work with this?  I haave tried the following,
> 1) 12 guage house wire 12 turns vert. 8 in. diameter, 8" sparks
> 2) 1/4" copper tube flat spiral 7 turns from 5" to 16", no output
> 3) 11 guage enameled flat spiral 24 turns 5" to 16", no output
> I need a lot of help in this area, Please help.   M. Andrus

Hi Michael.

You sound like you are having the same problem I was having sometime
With the advice I recived from the list I chose a primary made from
1/4"(8mm) copper tube this is wound into a saucer shape at an angle of
30 deg.
The pipe is spaced 1/4" apart and there are 12 turns.
The first turn is 1" away from the secondary and is the same height at
the first
turn of the secondary.
Our coil tunes at 4 or 5 turns on the primary depending on the top load.
If you check out Gary Weavers web site at
you will find a file called best-pri.zip well worth a read.

Hope this helps

Cheers Mike Tucknott  in the UK