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A file called wrd6ex32.exe - It's 622K, adds a compatability option to word
97. I don't happen to have my MSDN subscription CDs here, but try going to
microsoft-dot-com and checking the knowlege base.  there is also a file called
wordia.exe that adds html capabilties to word 6.
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>At 01:38 PM 6/1/98 -0500, Bill Noble wrote:
>>instead of sending files all over creation, try looking on the microsoft
>>site for a word 97 converter that plugs into word 95 - I am pretty sure
>>there is one there - I found a converter for macintosh, so surely there is
>>one for PC.
>Reasonable comment.   However, I have looked at the MS site & can't see
>anything but '97 add-ins.  Me thinks this has something to do with the MS
>policy of "forced updating" ...... ie. change the file format and *don't
>allow retrograde compatibility*.
>Seriously, I would like to know if *anyone* has such a beast.  Please send
>URL of its location to the list, I'm sure I would not be the only
>By the way, MS will do things in the MAC world which it won't in the PC
> reasons obvious  ;-)
>>And, I agree, RTF is a more universal format, but it is MUCH larger, so
>>download time is longer.  Word 97 (and 95) support "save as HTML" if you
>>in another program you can DL from microsoft's site - this gives you a
>>compact file and a more universal file, but it tends to reduce the
>>resolution of the embedded graphics.  And, it turns a file with graphics
>>into several files.
>To an extent, but then when you 'zip' it, you get much better compression.
>eg.  Terry's "Spark Gap" document:
> Native Size Compressed
> Word95 18.7 MB 4.9 MB
> RTF 33.5 MB 5.7 MB
>Reason is Word97 uses IStorage object model and graphics are stored as
>independent IStorage objects compressed LZSS.  When you zip these you gain
>a little with zip's Huffman algorithm,
> but nothin' like what you do to a native RTF file ;-))
>End result is a "zipped" RTF file ain't gonna be much larger than a
>"zipped" Word97 file.
>By the way Terry, both Word97 and Word95 have trouble with files this size.
> Not sure why, but must relate to the way they manage memory clean-up
>writing IStream's.  Both in 97 & 95 I get "disk full or too many files
>open", with a 9 GB SCSI drive and 256 MB memory .......... %^^&*^%$
>Microsoft :-(
>What is more, when "saving as" RTF, the written file gets corrupted ... no
>>Adobe PDF is really nice, but you have to buy a product from Adobe to make
>>PDF files.
>Agree.  All people know they can get the reader *free* from the Adobe site.
> So its only the authors who have to buy the writer ;-)
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