St. Louis Coilers?!

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to: Clay

You might wish to see our large coil at the Discovery Science Center,
Springfield, MO, if that is in your area.


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> Subject: St. Louis Coilers?!
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> Subject:  St. Louis Coilers?!
> 	Hello all...
> 	I'm a new 'coiler,' I dare to call myself that although my first coil
> has not left the drawing board yet.  I was impressed by a tabletop coil
> built by a friend of mine with a 6KV 10mA transformer, and his 4 to 6
> sparks, and inspired...and I decided I wanted something to make some
> sparks....
> 	Which is why I ordered a 10 kVA, 25 kV pole pig, and found myself
> a 10 kVA variac...
> 	What I'm looking for are people from the St. Louis, MO vicinity, who
> are out there coiling.  I could flail through the whole tesla-building
> process, and probably meet with success eventually, but I wonder if there

> aren't folks near here who have made the mistakes I'm getting ready to. 
> don't have the advantage of being a EE type, I'm just a dumb doctor - and

> college physics was a long time ago...
> 	So, anyone out there from St. Louie??  Let's tesla.
> 					Clay.