Tesla ? coil

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> Some time ago I visited the Science Place museum at Dallas Fair Park and
> witnessed the "Electric Show".  There was a demonstration of a large VanDe
> Graf generator (very impressive) and a coil quite unlike a conventional
> Tesla coil.  It was a orizontally- mounted ~3 ft. diameter coil which
> tapered to a ~4" disk from which the discharge (6-8 feet long) emanated. 
> The controller apparently had a rotary gap (completely enclosed).  The
> only connection from the controller to the coil was by two thick cables. 
> Does anyone have an idea what type of coil this is?
> Thanx, Raymond Koonce

This coil uses a two turn primary made out of welding cable wound directly 
around the base of the secondary.  The rotary gap is very conventional in 
nature, and I have a pic of it on my Web Page.  The coil was built for the 
museum by Lloyd Ritchie.  Lloyd builds museum quality coils and VanDe Graf 
machines and sells them.  It is very interesting to note that the builder does not 
believe in discharge terminals, and the secondary has *no* toroid or other 
discharge terminal capacitance.  The secondary is covered with some kind of 
super heavy vinyl tape.  Coil makes 6 to 8 foot discharges.

Bert Pool