Coil Winding Machine

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I have had to build two different winding units over the last two years.
The units were both powered by DC motors attached to gear reduction boxes.
I simply built a wooden frame and used the gear motors to drive a shaft
which a slid through the length of the coil form.  A simply drive bracket
was attached to both the shaft and then to the end of the coil form.  The DC
motor was driven by a DC supply in the first case with the voltage
controlled by a autotransformer, to vary the speed.  The second unit was
larger and a variable speed drive was used.

The difficult part is locating all the parts at a reasonable price and then
assembling the components.  The winding is very simple, even when hand
feeding the wire.  I mounted the roll of wire on a wooden form that would
allow it to unroll and then just guided the wire by hand.  It is very easy,
once the unit is set up.  I chose to employ a foot switch in order to have
quick on-off control of the winding.

The shafts that I mentioned above could be wood or steel tube or steel bar
stock like I used due to the weight of the form being wound.  The gear motor
was the bearing on one end, and a mounted bearing, referenced as a pillow
block here in the US, was used on the other.  I do have digitized photo's of
the last one that I did two weeks ago that I could send you if there is any
interest.  Let me know.  I could babble on for another page or so, but I
better stop and just let me know if this is the type of information you


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>Hi Everyone,
>At the moment I am just about to rebuild my secondary on my solid state
>coil. The secondary I have at the moment is a plastic rubbish bin wound
>with 0.25mm enamel wire. It has given great service (I get arcs about 12
>inches long out of it) but I am now starting to get arcs coming out of the
>side of the coil (caused by not always being in tune - this semiconductor
>coil is very sensitive to the environment it is in- I can stop it from
>arcing by simply moving my hand to a different position). These arcs have
>caused a bit of carbonisation.
>Anyway, last time I wound the secondary it took me about a week to wind the
>kilometre or so of fine wire onto the bucket. This time I would like to
>automate the process. Anybody have any ideas about how I could do this? I
>can get access to a lathe but I dont really know how to set it up to wind
>the coil - any advice? Has anybody out there built an automated coil
>winding machine?
>Best Regards,