Texas Teslathon

From:  Bert Pool [SMTP:bertpool-at-ticnet-dot-com]
Sent:  Monday, June 01, 1998 6:20 AM
To:  Tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject:  Texas Teslathon

The sparks have faded, the trash has been compacted, and the weary travelers 
have returned to their homes.  Thus ends a successful Texas teslathon.  The 
Wart Hog conventional coil performed very well, but we had problems getting 
our Magnifier up to par - indeed, we only got about 50% performance out of it.  
A new rotary gap with more gaps is now being planned.

It was nice getting to meet everyone, and it is super having some faces to put 
to the names.  We got to see some old friends again and made new one.  A 
goodly amount of electrical treasure exchanged hands; one of my favorite parts 
of a good event.

Next year, the Texas Teslathon will be hosted by another of our North Texas 
group - I'm resting from this one.  It would be *much* easier to host a 'Thon with 
a permant structure to base from!  That dream continues. . . .

Thanks for taking the time and drive to come visit, I look forward to seeing you 
next year!

Bert Pool