Re: Capacitor materials

when making plate caps, is it necessary to put paper in between layers?
what kind of paper do you use?

kevin wahila
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Subject: Capacitor materials

>Original Poster: Sam Barros <sambarros-at-yahoo-dot-com>
>  Now with the possibility of a transformer I started looking for
>materials to make a good HV capacitor. So far the only PE sources I
>found were super-thin plastic bags, too small for any actual use, and
>kitchen foil, absolutely useless. I am still looking for it though… I
>have some ideas: For instance, what material are those overhead
>projector sheets made out of? They are just the right size for a good
>plate cap and don’t cost too much… I can’t remember how thick they
>are, but they are relatively thick. They are made out of some type of
>plastic, fairly rigid and it goes white when you bend it at sharp
>angles. HDPE perhaps?
> I also found some very thin paper, made to absorb oil from chips and
>other fried foods. That paper looks like it would be absolutely
>perfect to suck up oil between the capacitor’s plates plus it comes in
>huge (50 meters long) rolls, 1meter wide. It’s very cheap too!
> And I got a gallon of model plane oil in the garage. It’s the oil you
>add to model aeroplanes (and model cars, boats, helicopters, etc)
>fuels to run their small 2-stroke engines. The fuel consists of
>Methanol and this oil. Sometimes a little nitromethane too. It’s very
>good quality and insulates HV well. It is not easily combusted (takes
>something like 400C to get it to vaporise and be ignitable burning (so
>you could say 400 is its flash point), at which temperature it also
>starts to boil) What kind of oil could it be? It doesn’t say Castor
>oil anywhere, the label just reads: “Premium quality synthetic oil for
>2-stroke engines”…
> Well, please give me your thoughts on all that... I sure hope all
>this stuff is good, because it would make such nice cheap
>capacitors:-) And, where do you get PE normally?
> Sam Barros
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