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<< Ed,
 Your reply got me thinking of a way to measure the capacitance change when I
 add the second toroid. I worked backwards through the formula, (using
 WinTesla), inputting the change in tuning to arrive at the change in the top
 load capacitance. This roughly gave me the following: When I added the 6 x19
 toroid on top of the 4 x 15.5 one the primary tap changed 1.3 turns. This
 works out to about a 9pf increase in capacitance, a total of 28pf. Does this
 seem right to you? I am going to try attaching the second toroid as you
 The coil was a big hit with all of our Christmas party guests, (inlaws),
 they were quite impressed!
 Jon >>


Yes, it sounds reasonable to me.  Let us know if increasing the toroid
separation produces similar results - i.e. increasing the number of turns on
the primary required for resonance.

It is fun to demonstrate you coil to friends, relatives and basically whoever
will watch.

Ed Sonderman