Re: DC behavior with AC TC: thanks

Regarding responses to my inquiry regarding the generation of
"electrostatic" fields produced by my AC Tesla Coil, thanks to those who
responded publicly and privately. Most printed or net info does not (or
even denies) such occurances, thought I think there are a lot of things
a TC does besides make big arcs. Big arcs just seem to be very popular.

Antonio--Your description of the exact mechanism (which is what I was
after) is correct--the field appears to be "negative", ie, full of free
electrons around the TC. I've got the little E-motor spinning as fast as
the VDG could ever spin it, and will continue working with it.
And Terry--amazing stuff in your research papers.

And Richard, I promise to buy one of your video tapes as soon as I pay
off Christmas, so that I may be duly informed.   

Thanks, gentlemen. Happy coiling!

Rob Rawnsley