LC Ratios and Arc Lengths

Hi everyone,

Tonight, I was playing in Excel with coiler stats which
were provided in different coiler surveys during 1998.
I've taken liberty's of adding calcs such as Secondary
and Primary LC values where they were missing specific
coil stats (Medhurst and Wheeler equations) including
loaded frequencies based on toroid dimensions. I'm just
beginning to look at this information and I've drawn no
conclusions at this point. But, I did graph LC ratios
against arc length (less than 15 minutes ago) and
decided to upload it real quick to my web page and share
with all. It is interesting. Feel free to take a peek of
the graph at the location below (after all, you may be
one of the coilers listed on the graph). BTW, I removed
only the coilers which I did not have enough
information. Also, note that this is a "moment in time"
for coilers. Arc lengths have most likely been exceeded


All comments welcome.

Bart (Merry Christmas from the cold tundra of Minnesota
- Purple Pride!)