Fw: Fair Radio Sales HV capacitor

>Original Poster: "Stephen G. Stanton" <ulflyer-at-interx-dot-net> 
> I ran across a HV cap advertised in Fair Radio's latest catalog page 32,
> 0.01 mfd at 100KV, wonder if anyone had had any experience with them in
> Tesla service?  They've lowered the price to $87.50.  I imagine it could
> work in, say, a 15kV/30 or 60 mA neon transformer type coil.  Sure beats
> the mess of "rolling yer own" and probably less money in the bargain.  
> What's the consensus?
> Stephen, KJ6LH

I use one in a 4", 15KV/60ma coil and am getting 51" sparks.  The cap
does tend to get warm after a few minutes of operation, so I'm careful to
run at a low duty cycle and allow cooling time.  See specs & pix on my
web page:

I've heard others suggest that they're too expensive.  I think it's the
best deal in town!

Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA