Re: Desert Coil

The coil that you are speaking of is owned by Greg Leyh, I was at
Burning Man this year and saw the coil firsthand. If you are interested
there is a link to a jpg of the coil in action at Burning Man 1998 at
http://www.vortexia-dot-com/coil it is rather large but worth it!!! The coil
is 14' tall, run on DC. If I remember correctly 50KW input! Greg Leyh
belongs to Lighting On Demand of San Francisco http://www.lod-dot-org .

                                Jason Zuberer

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Esondrmn-at-aol-dot-com
> I was reading a recent pyro publication about The Burning Man Ceremonies
> a couple of months ago, I believe in the northern Nevada desert.  As I
> understand it, this event is many years old, never in the same place,
sort of
> secret but actually open to all who are able to find out where and when it
> will happen - and sounds like something we all would like to attend.
Lots of
> burning of things using various methods and materials, certainly lots of
> and sounds like semi controlled mayhem.  I write this because there is a
> picture of a large Tesla coil that was set up at this years ceremonies that
> looks like a very well made project - maybe three feet in diameter, 12 feet
> tall with a great multi tube welded (Wardencliff) style toroid on top.  I
> believe it was probably made by someone on this list.  Reportedly
producing 10
> to 12 foot sparks that connected to the ground.  (I would like to reproduce
> the author's description of the Tesla coil demonstration and will ask him
> permission before doing so - you would appreciate it.)  Anyone recognize
> description?  Reply off line if you like.
> Ed Sonderman