Desert Coil

I was reading a recent pyro publication about The Burning Man Ceremonies held
a couple of months ago, I believe in the northern Nevada desert.  As I
understand it, this event is many years old, never in the same place, sort of
secret but actually open to all who are able to find out where and when it
will happen - and sounds like something we all would like to attend.  Lots of
burning of things using various methods and materials, certainly lots of pyro
and sounds like semi controlled mayhem.  I write this because there is a
picture of a large Tesla coil that was set up at this years ceremonies that
looks like a very well made project - maybe three feet in diameter, 12 feet
tall with a great multi tube welded (Wardencliff) style toroid on top.  I
believe it was probably made by someone on this list.  Reportedly producing 10
to 12 foot sparks that connected to the ground.  (I would like to reproduce
the author's description of the Tesla coil demonstration and will ask him for
permission before doing so - you would appreciate it.)  Anyone recognize this
description?  Reply off line if you like.

Ed Sonderman