Re: PE sheets -Reply

i know that this is definitely PE plastic.   so what is the general
concensus, use it or buy different plastic?
i just don't want to waste a ton of money!

please reply
kevin wahila
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Subject: PE sheets -Reply

>Original Poster: ROBERT CRESSLER <59CREROB-at-menasha-dot-com>
>a while ago, i bought a whole bunch of PE sheets.  later, i found out that
>it wasn't agricultural grade, but rather construction grade...
>      kevin,
>               beware of call outs of PE grades like these...... many,many
>these "contruction" 'Ag" grades are reprocessed material( ie ground up
>milk jugs mixed in with various density resins.and floor sweepings..).
>many time it will look bumpy in the thicker grades say 1/16 and above.i
>reccommend HDPE-in virgin grade only better yet is my fav UHMW P-
>double the dielectric strenght of hdpe-at  900kv/cm!.... even at 2-3x cost
>hdpe  it is still fairlycheap........if you have trouble finding or need
>i maybe be able to help.
>virgin natural is the key-milky white  avoid colors,especially black.
>good luck
>robert cressler
>oregon city,ore.