Re: A DC Coil

>Original Poster: "Choad" <choad69-at-geocities-dot-com>
>Hi everybody,
>    I was doing somethinking about a DC coil & made this diagram.

Hi ...

One problem I see with this is that when the gap conducts
the filter cap will try to discharge through the protection diode,
the gap and the primary; no doubt to the detriment of the diode.

Adding a several Henry inductor in series with the diode will make
a resonant charging circuit.  This inductor is often called a
charging choke.The time constant is calculated from the charging
inductance and the two capacitors in series.

I think you will definatly want to use a rotary gap with a circuit
like this. I suppose you could let it free run at the charging
circuit resonant frequency through a static gap, but you'd
need a pretty big inductor to get the firing rate down to a
reasonable speed.