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>>>I was think about building one and covering it with old news
>> papers and Plaster of Paris.  Sand it smooth with the electric sander then
>> painting it with something that is conductive. The inside of the toriod
>> be hollow.  I was wondering if filling the toroid with large balls of
>> aluminum foil would allow it to store up a larger charge.
>> Gary Weaver
>The inside of a spherical or toroidal discharge electrode has zero volts 
>charge inside.  It does not matter whether you fill the inside with balls of 
>aluminum foil or even with Greg Leyhs (see his web site for a good 
>example), they will have no charge on them.  The surrounding electrode 
>effectively shields them.  The Tesla coil does not see anything inside the 
>toroid.  The outside, however is a different matter.  Hemispheres on the 
>surface of a toroid just may increase the effective capacitance (Tesla 
>constructed his largest top this way).
>Bert Pool

Now that you mention it, thats right.  The knob hill Van De Draff had a lab
inside the spheres with people inside them.  A TC would be no different. But
I think potential difference is why its possible for someone to be inside.
There is no potential difference inside the sphere or toroid because
resistance is almost zero.  

Gary Weaver