6" Copper toroids, now available


 Now, for the first time, the 1.5" by 6" spun copper toroid with brushed 
 finish is available and can be seen at my website (below).  The price is
 $50 which includes shipping in the US.  (Imbedded seam design).
 Also available:  Spin-polished aluminum spun toroid, 1.5" by 6" dia.
 with glued imbedded seam, which gives a nice visual appearance.
 Perfect for a deluxe small Tesla coil.  These are available for $35
 which includes shipping.  This design can be seen at my webpage
 at    <  http://members.aol-dot-com/FutureT/index.html  >

 I have the aluminum 6" brushed finish type available too for
 $42 which includes shipping.  I have decided to continue to make this 
 type available, at least for now.
 Only the 6" toroids are available, the 10" toroid shown at my webpage
 is not yet available.

 To order, send check or MO to:

 John Freau
 49 Thiem Ave.
 Rochelle Pk, NJ   07662
 John Freau