A DC Coil

Hi everybody,

    I was doing somethinking about a DC coil & made this diagram.


I think I'm on the right track, but could use a little help. I think
I remember hearing theat the filter cap should be either 10 or 100
times bigger then the tank cap. Also I need to know what I should do
for a gap. I thought that a small rotory gap running at a low bps
would work. I think a static gap should work too if I switched the
gap & cap around too. I plan on using either a 12KV 60mA NST or
making a voltage doubler with some MOT's. The diodes will me either
2-3 microwave diodes in series or someother diodes that I can get.
If anyone knows where I could get some good HV diodes for this let
me know. If I need to make a filter cap for this how would I go
about making such a large value HV one? I think that a bank of
microwave caps would work in a series parallel config, but that
would take a whole lot of them as it'd have to be rated at 20Kv or

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