RE: A source for Glyptal?

Patti & Rodney:

The most common source for red glyptal varnish in the electric motor
industry is:

P.D. George Co.
5200-T North Second
St. Louis, MO  63147

Phone:  1-314-621-5700

They are the current owners of a company that was known as Dolph's, who
manufactured a product that I "think" was referenced as EP-43, red glyptal
varnish.  Since I'm at home I don't have all my catalog's available, I'm not
sure, but simply call them and ask for a distributor in your area.  As a bit
of information, even when buying it in bulk, the cost was almost $22.00 per
gallon in quantities of 150 gallons and up.  A one gallon purchase could be
similar to a mortgage payment!
You might also want to consider a clear overcoat for your secondary such as
Behr Super Build 50.

Chuck Curran

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Hi listers,

Just a quick question: Does anyone have sources for Glyptal?  The
paint used for covering motor windings?  I plan to use this on our
next coil.  Any other recommendations would be helpful.


Rodney & Patti Stapivic

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