Re: Toroid Design .

>I am thinking about going to a 8" or maybe 10" x 50" toroid to replace the
>existing 5" x 40".  I would like comments on this.  I don't want to get it so
>large that I can't break it out. 

I don't think you will have any trouble getting sparks to break out with a
10" thick toroid covered with aluminum tape.  There will be plenty of ruff
edges for sparks to break out from.  If the toroid surface were smooth it
would be much harder to get it to break out.  I can not get sparks to break
out on my 38" sphere without a bump running 10KW.  The smooth surface and a
radius of 19" is why.  I can replace the sphere with a 10" by 27" toroid
made from elbows and get about 6 or 7 discharge sparks several places around
the toroid.  

>The two existing toroids are made from 5" diameter corrugated black plastic
>drain pipe bent into a circle around a .25" thick acrylic disk.  It is then
>covered with clear packaging tape then aluminum foil tape.  Does this same
>pipe come in larger diameters like 8" or 10"? 

I have seen corrugated black plastic drain pipe 8" diameter.  The local
contractor supply companies around here all have it.  10" might be
available, but I am not sure about that.

I found some old pics taken about 1940 or so of a toroid under construction.
Cut ribs out of 1/4" plywood like the ribs of an airplane wing to make it
light weight.  You could cut the ribs 10" thick and 24" long to give you a
toroid of 10" x 48" after its assembled.  Mount the ribs in a circle like
the spokes of a wheel.  Wrap string or wire around the outer edges of the
ribs about 1/2" apart to create a surface for covering it with aluminum foil
or tape.  I was think about building one and covering it with old news
papers and Plaster of Paris.  Sand it smooth with the electric sander then
painting it with something that is conductive. The inside of the toriod will
be hollow.  I was wondering if filling the toroid with large balls of
aluminum foil would allow it to store up a larger charge.

Gary Weaver