Re: Strange events and me coil unexplained

Paul M,

It sounds to me like your choke coils were resonant
at the frequency you were operating at. This could have
caused a condition where the voltage across your caps
also increased. My bet is that you will find that 
one or more of your cap sections has shorted and your
effective capacitance has therefore almost doubled.
That would explain the need to change the tune
tap point almost double. Disconnect and test each cap
section seperately at about half your usual voltage
(if possible). That should tell you which cap section
has failed. Note that the cap section may appear OK with
a simple meter check, since the oil will sometimes 
self-heal the cap... however, since oil does not have
as high a breakdown voltage as poly, if you run them
at about half rated voltage the one that is punctured
should break down again.

Hope this helps.
Fr. Tom McGahee