Re: Saturable reactors?


>From what I read so far, this appears to be a conversion to a variable
inductor, not a variac. :(   With the rotor stalled, the motor looks
like a transformer with its secondary (the rotor) shorted.  Sliding the
rotor out decreases the coupling between the primary and secondary.
That sounds just like the variable air gap in a welder.  However, it
would not be hard to keep the rotor from rotating assuming single phase
power is applied to either a polyphase motor or a single-phase motor run
windings only.  For these cases, the motor will remain stalled.  Does
someone perhaps have more information on the motor -> variac conversion?

Jim Monte

>Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 08:05:04 -0700
>Subject: Re: Saturable reactors?
>Original Poster: alfred.skrocki.sr-at-juno-dot-com (Alfred A Skrocki)
>On Mon, 14 Dec 1998 18:46:36 -0700 in the Tesla List
>Scott Stephens <Scott2-at-mediaone-dot-net> wrote:
>>Somewhere I read about a hack that turns an AC induction motor
>>into a variac. You slide the rotor in and out of the stator. The
>>rotor windings are not used. The rotor is immobilized (but still
>>vibrates) and the stator windings are used.
>That would be some undertaking since you are in actuality locking
>the rotor in a stalled position while sliding it in and out. It would
>seem to me you would burn out the windings.
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