Re: Tesla Book Company fax number?

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Marco Denicolai" <Marco.Denicolai-at-tellabs.fi>
> I would like to place an order to the Tesla Book Company but I have got
> only an address and a telephone number playing always a voice message.
> I left a message on their voice mail but there was no reply (I am located
> in Finland, 10 hours time shift...).
> Does anybody know what is their FAX number (if any) or email address?
> Is anybody of you on the list part of that company (so that could help) ?


It doesn't appear that they have a FAX or e-mail address other than
their web site at:

    http://www3.ios-dot-com/~saladino/cat1pt1.html  (parts 1-7 linked)

or via their order form at:


Looks like either a phone call during THEIR busines hours or a mailed
order form is required...

-- Bert --