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>BTW, and this may be objectionable to some, working with graphite
>materials like motor brushes really gets your hands blackened.

     Robert and all others who try machining graphite or carbon brushes,
please be aware that graphite and carbon dust can
be VERY DANGEROUS to your health and can pose an explosion risk!

     Graphite and carbon dust pose a health risk because they are both
lung irritants and getting this dust in your lungs by breathing the dust
can lead to lung cancer and emphysema, both serious killers! Especially
if you have ashma (Sp?), allergies or worse yet already have emphysema,
WEAR A DUST MASK AT ALL TIMES when working graphite or carbon!

     Graphite or carbon dust represent an explosion hazard because
whenever you mix an oxidizable, finely powered substance with air it acts
as a fuel/air mixture that is VERY EASILY IGNITED by the least little
spark, glowing ember, or open flame! Around the turn of the century both
coal mines and flour mills would periodically explode due to the fine
particles of flour or coal mixing with air and touched off by a spark
from static electricity or a flame. Don't smoke while working graphite or
carbon and especially don't have any open flames nearby.

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