Re: MOVs

Hi Scott,

At 10:39 AM 12/16/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Terry, could you post data on the MOVs you are using in your NST protection
>Voltage rating, and/or manufacturer/part number.

These are from Digi-Key.  1800 volt 2500 amp  Panasonic.  DK part number

>Have you had a change to collect any test data on the effectiveness of the
>MOVs in-circuit?

They appear to work very well.  I put them on the transformer when I got it
and haven't thought much about them since.  I know they have eaten spikes
and overloads but they show now signs of trouble.  Since they only clamp
the very peaks of signals their power dissipation is not too great which is
the only real problem they could have.  Since they are silent and only
clamp peaks, they do not really attract attention to themselves when they
are working.  They clamp at 17.8 kV.  Apparently, they are working perfectly.


>Scott Hanson