Re: Saturable reactors?

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Scott Stephens <Scott2-at-mediaone-dot-net> wrote:

>Somewhere I read about a hack that turns an AC induction motor >into a
variac. You slide the rotor in and out of the stator. The >rotor windings
are not used. The rotor is immobilized (but still >vibrates) and the
stator windings are used.

That would be some undertaking since you are in actuality locking
the rotor in a stalled position while sliding it in and out. It would
seem to me you would burn out the windings.

>The central problem for our Tesla-coiling context. You must have a 
>mechanism for controlling energy (the semiconductor op-amp) for >its
application. And that is power dissipative. Inductors save >their energy
in the magnetic field, then release it. Your gyrator >would function as a
resistor, requiring massive hot power >transistors to be any fun.

No, a gyrator doesn't quite work that way. The energy in the gyrator is
stored in the electrostatic field of the capacitor.
The operational amplifier is used to create the phase shift required for
the capacitor to appear electronically as an inductor.
Yes semiconductors are used to steer the electrons but the amount of
energy dissipated by the semiconductors is negligible.

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