Re: NST Filter and Circuit Configuration?

Hi Travis,

At 09:41 PM 12/15/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Thanks for the comments Terry. I had located one you listed has having
>good filtering capabilities, however, the new circuit you refferenced
>seems a better choice.

I just posted a big picture of the whole thing at:


>In regard to the ohmite resistors you mentioned. Digi-key only lists low
>values for them. 500 ohm seems the highest, your circuit recomended 5k.
>They also list them as wirewound. Am I missing something? 

Page 352 of Oct.-Dec. Catalog Q984.  L50J5.0K-ND  at $5.73 each.  

Perhaps they are wirewound???  The close contact with the core and the
coating may give them enough thermal dissipation to avoid burning out??
The ones that like to fail tend to be wound on a fiberglass core with sand
around it.  I would need a hammer to be sure how they are made :-))

>Do the capicitors need to be anything special? I found some at a local
>supply that are rated at .02 mfd 15KV and 47pf 25KV. The first is a small
>white tube and the later looks like a ceramic disc. That's about it for
>high voltage stuff. The ceramic disc looks like the leads are close enough
>to arc though.. Do you have a source for either part? 

Nope...  I think a search of the archives at www.pupman-dot-com will turn up a
source.  perhaps someone else will know??