Re: Magnifiers--any specific wavelength needed?

Tesla List wrote:

> I'm currently designing my next coil, which I think will be a
> magnifier. I haven't been able to find anything really good on
> magnifiers, so I figured I'd ask here. What I need to know is:
> do the coils need to be anything specific in terms of wavelength?

As a first approximation, aim at L1*C1=(L2+L3)*C3. L1, L2, and L3
are the three inductances or the primary, secondary, and third
coils, C1 is the primary capacitance, and C3 the sum of the self-
capacitance of the third coil and the terminal capacitance.
> Also, does anyone have an equation to give the approximate output
> voltage?

Voutmax = VC3max < VC1max*sqrt(C1/C3), by energy conservation.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz