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 I have a source where I can get a 10" diameter pvc pipe and I have a
 question about the size of the wire I should use. This coil is going to
 be ran by a 7.2kv potential transformer, it is going to be limited to
 2kw. I am going to be using a .07ufd cap. I am hoping for about 6 foot
 streamers or more. But by using such power what size of wire would be
 best. I currently only have a spool of 22awg and a spool of 24awg magnet
 wire, both are 8lb spools. I was wondering if 22awg wire will be able to
 carry that kind of power. I was considering winding the coil and then
 winding another layer over that and paralleling them. I know this will
 reduce the resistance and thus allow a better power transfer from the
 primary to the secondary. I am also wondering that if by winding a
 double layer coil with 22awg wire, wouldn't the two paralleled wires act
 as one single wire of a larger size. If so it should be able to
 withstand the power I want. The only other downside to using 22awg is
 going to be the amount of turns. I know for certain that the winding
 will exceed the 1000 turn mark (~1150 turns). Is it absolutely necessary
 to stay under a 1000 turns? Will it diminish any performance? 
 If anyone can answer these questions, please do. I need to know if this
 can work and not compromise the coils performance.
 Chris Jones >>


My first choice with a nice form like that would be to use something like #16
wire.  With a 40" winding length (4:1 ratio) and 18.9 turns per inch this
would give you 756 turns.  An option would be to wind two layers of #22 side
by side and connect them together at each end.  This would also be about 756
turns (double turns).  If my caluclations are right, would require about 8 lbs
of #22 wire.

Ed Sonderman