Re: Secondary Wire?

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<< The only other downside to using 22awg is
> going to be the amount of turns. I know for certain that the winding
> will exceed the 1000 turn mark (~1150 turns). Is it absolutely necessary
> to stay under a 1000 turns? Will it diminish any performance? 
> If anyone can answer these questions, please do. I need to know if this
> can work and not compromise the coils performance.
> Chris Jones >>


IMO, the 22 gauge wire with 1000+ turns will not harm the performance
to any noticeable degree.  I use 1400 turns of 28 gauge wire for up to
65" sparks with excellent efficiency, (1570 watts for a 64" spark).  
Most of the losses that occur in a TC occur elsewhere than in the 
secondary windings.

John Freau