Re: More power and less resistance

"Hi Mel,

        The work I have done would suggest that the secondary's
resistance is not
a major factor.  There are limits but I would spend my time working on
other areas and not worry about the secondary wire size.  Most people
20-24 wire with no problems.  I would think as long as your wire does
actually start to get warm you would be fine.  The spacing is a valid
but perhaps there are other tricks you could use there.  If you are
on some type of machine, perhaps you could drap a length of wire between
the new and last winding to act as a spacer as you went along...


	A good point.  Even NST driven TC's are running with several hundred
watts input, of which at least half must get into the primary.  If even
10% of that were lost in the secondary, it would get quite warm.  If 10%
were lost, it shouldn't have much effect on the output.