NST Filter and Circuit Configuration?

I have found a source for the resistors and caps I need for a NST filter. 
It appears that one side of the resistors are connected to the cap and the
other side is connected to the primary circuit. How is it connected? I am
guessing it's parallel to the transformer output. Is no path to ground
required for this filter? It's from Terry Fritz's paper on RC filters so
he may be best suited to answer here. 

As for the rest, how should the primary circuit be set up? I have the caps
built, and the transformer. Is there a schematic of the recomeded setup
for an NST powered coil on the net somewhere? I'll be running a 15Kv 30ma
NST for the power source. If there is no schematic a description of where
the components are in the circuit would be helpfull.  


Travis Tabbal