Re: Old ways of RF generation

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Sam Laur <slaur-at-sekunda.pp.utu.fi>
> I was reading a book about the history of radio, and I stumbled upon some
> interesting (?) things. First, about spark-gap transmitters. It seems that
> to improve quenching, Marconi started using a 400-600 BPS rotary spark gap
> in 1904, and at about the same time, Telefunken started using a series gap
> much like what we call the TCBOR/RQ gap now. Of course the construction was
> very different way back then, but the idea is still the same.


That which makes good radio rarely makes good spark.  Avoid super rapid quench
spark systems!!  These make a TC into a good RF transmitter and not a good
sparker.  The object is to deliver all the energy to a gas load and not the
aether.  It is a question of selecting your medium and lighting it off.

Richard Hull, TCBOR