$150 for a transformer!

  Hello everybody!

 I have finally gathered up 150Dollars and was wondering if anybody
would be interested in sending me a good, working transformer for this
 I live in Holland, more specifically in N.H. (North Holland).
 I have an 8 x 25inches secondary Tesla Coil and, despite all my
efforts (DO NOT send me e-mail telling me that you can get this or
that here in Europe because it is Bulls***! I HAVE TRIED and there is
NO WAY I can get one, unless it is imported from Italy, for $300
(10KV, 100mA). If you can get it, than don't go bragging about it,
just get me one!
 So, I am looking for a transformer that can deliver between 1 and 5kW
(Yeah, I know 5kW is more of a wish than a reality, but 3kW would be
ideal), at 8-20kV.
 I should be able to get as much as 200Dollars. The transformer could
be a NST or some other suitable model. Preferably unpotted to reduce
weight. And air cooled. I can fill it up with oil myself.
 Please do this as a favour to me, because I really do not have a
better option!

 Mail me at sambarros-at-yahoo-dot-com.

 Sam Barros.

 Sam Barros,

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