Re: Saturable reactors?

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> >Guys,
>  >I've been spending some quality time reading through a fine old book of
> >mine:
> >Magnetic Amplifier Engineering, by Attura, (c) 1959
> >Anyway - this book describes the basics of a little-known-today
> >component called the saturable reactor.  Looks like if I had one I could
> >build a quite-unkillable pig controller out of it!
> I have been looking to these beasts too but in my understanding they create
> a big distortion of the original sine-wave input AC. You would get very
> curious wave shapes to feed your primary capacitor and spark gap!

I remember discovering with these back in the early 60's. I was working
for a little company called Magnetico, Inc. in NY. They were building
the saturable reactors for cockpit lighting dimmers for the B-58
Hustler. They were wound on large toroid cores. 
As I recall, the sinewave was flattened, or rounded off, as the core
approached saturation. Memories~ 

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