Re: Slow Wave Helical Resonator Experiment

Hi Malcolm,

	About 1 out of 200 bursts interupted the gap at the primary current peak.
Everything must have hit just right to to this.  I didn't think I would be
able to stop the arc in mid cycle either.  There was lots of high frequency
present and the gap didn't like it but this very nice high speed gap
actually did it!  I just wish I was able to catch a better example than I
did.  I was sitting there trying to hit the stop button at just the right
time but it was very hard to catch that perfect screen...


At 10:27 AM 12/9/98 +1200, you wrote:
>I stand corrected on a statement in this: 
>> Hi Terry,
>>           I can confirm what your computer model says as I have done 
>> exactly that in a real experiment:
>> I performed the experiments with a gap consisting of a bank of 
>> MOSFETs. I could quench anywhere I liked in the cycle which an 
>> ordinary gap cannot do. Quenching at a zero current crossing (peak 
>> cap charge for whatever energy remains in the primary) resulted in a 
>> quiet quench. Quenching at zero voltage (and current maximum) 
>> generated the most horrendous voltage spikes across the "gap" (which 
>> would have reignited a real gap had it dared to go out under this 
>> condition). 
>I've just read Terry's post where he did manage it with a rotary. I 
>stand corrected. The rest of my post stands.
>> I have real scope photos of this which I have posted to 
>> others.
>P.S. - anybody considered the idea of using a snubbing network to 
>assist the gap?