Re: Magnifier Help

Hi Dwight,
             What I'd do: first check all connections in the 
secondary system thoroughly. I once obtained perfect scope tune with 
a non-connection to the terminal at signal generator induced voltages 
and the thing immediately went out of tune the moment I put some real 
power into the circuit and an arc completed the terminal connection :(
Then, measure the principal resonant frequency of the entire 
secondary system without the primary circuit being complete to get an 
idea of primary tune.
     Finally, do a sig gen and scope check of primary to be sure 
you've got tune with the secondary with out the secondary being 
present. That should get something happening.


> Original Poster: dwight duncan <duncand-at-ccsalpha2.nrl.navy.mil> 
> Hi All,
>     My latest magnifier still is not working.  The one I built before this
> worked great and even posted some on the list.  The new magnifier is
> powered by a 14.4 KV, 5KVA pig.  That is the first change.  The second is
> that I went to a equa-drive system. I tried changing this back to just one
> cap, and still no out put.  The third change is all of the primary
> connections are copper tubing and copper plates.  The fourth change is the
> secondary of the RF transformer is made of a 22"dia. polyethylene 55 gal.
> drum of which I wound 1000 ft of wire.  The fifth change is the coupling is
> tighter.  The sixth change is I added a second stationary gap to my rotory.
>  Seventh change is that in series with the rotory I put an eight point
> blown quench gap.  The last change is I put a three post ground outside
> connected together with copper pipe and ran it inside.  The system seems to
> quench out in one sine cycle, but occasionally I see an under damped wave,
> and it occures appx. 1 every 10 sec. or so.
>     I have changed every thing back to what it was, and tired different
> configurations but still no output from resonator.  Yes it is connected to
> the RF x-former.
>     One conundrum though,  I calculate the inductance needed to mach the
> resonator's frequency(200KHz) and start there with the tap with the help of
> my inductance meter.  I start there and move all around the primary.
> Frankly I am  "tapped out" and also tiered.  My scope can do FFT's and I
> see a split in frequency; one at 180 KHz and one at 375 KHz.
>     The primary is about one third up on the secondary and about 5" from
> the secondary all the way around.
>     Please help.  I am running out of idea's.  My capacitance has gone to
> the following: .08, .05, .04 and .01 microfaradads.
> Thank you,
> Dwight