Re: Magnifier Help

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<<     One conundrum though,  I calculate the inductance needed to mach the
> resonator's frequency(200KHz) and start there with the tap with the help of
> my inductance meter.  I start there and move all around the primary.
> Frankly I am  "tapped out" and also tiered.  My scope can do FFT's and I
> see a split in frequency; one at 180 KHz and one at 375 KHz.
>     The primary is about one third up on the secondary and about 5" from
> the secondary all the way around.
 >    Please help.  I am running out of idea's.  My capacitance has gone to
> the following: .08, .05, .04 and .01 microfaradads.
> Thank you,
> Dwight


I haven't done the calcs, but my intuitive guess is that you haven't hit
the correct tune point.  You have a large quantity L in the sec.
the primary tank will have to be tuned to the combo of the L in the sec
and the L in the extra coil.  You probably need more C or more L
in the primary tank.  You might want to take some scrap #10 wire and
add it to the primary to add more turns as a test.  (I'm assuming here your
spark gap is firing OK now.)  

1000 turns for a driver (secondary) sounds like a tremendous number
of turns for a driver, why use so many?  I usually use about 140 turns
or so.

John Freau