Re: first big coil design[sec. form?]

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 I am starting to design my first 'big' coil for my new 10kVA pig. I have 
 just started thinking about it and the first thing for me to consider is 
 the secondary coil. I have hopefully a good candidate. I *barrowed* a 
 garbage can from work. It appears to be some kinda plastic, almost a 
 fibre appearence, about 1/4" think. One is 10.5" diameter by about 22" 
 tall. Will this work for a coil form - its pretty clean. If so, I figure 
 this is kinda short. Would it be beneficial to try to get another and go 
 for 10.5" x 44" ? If so, what gauge wire would be good - #16, #18 ...? I 
 would probably be running the thing at a max of 10kVA. I'll work on one 
 thing at a time so my questions wont be premature.
 Tristan Stewart, KC2EBM

I would go with a 3:1 minimum L/W ratio and maybe 4:1.  10.5 x 40 inch winding
length would be 3.8:1.  #16 wire would be a good choice, 40" winding length
would be about 16 or 17 lbs of wire (756 turns).

Ed Sonderman