tube coils

John Freau


Tnx for the tube circuit. Have you ever tried a paralleled pair of 838
triodes? These
oldies have a huge graphite plate and require a JUMBO 4-pin socket. In the
is a TC based on a  Popular Science article from January, 1946. It uses
10's and any husky power transformer. I will try other triodes down to 45's
and up
into the 811-833A range. Tube costs and their availability being as it is, I
now run
all my tube stuff with a variac on the filaments. It's russian roulette to
apply full
voltage to a
high amperage filament from a cold start. I do not have a scanner. I'll gladly
fax you
the pop sci article if you can give me a fax number. Thanks again for the
help. ZEKE