Re: Big TC design

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<< >This is indeed a big coil.  I did some reverse calculating and it looks
 >your planned toroid capacitance is only about 60 to 70 pf.  I have almost
 >much on my 6.0" coil.  I would think you would want one or maybe several
 >large toroids for this coil.  That will decrease the resonant frequency
 >further and require more tank capacitance.  I think designing the system
 >use .10 uf would be a good idea.  I use a .05 uf cap with my system.
 >Ed Sonderman
 Correct, I planned a 60 pF toroid.
 - What kind of output are you getting with your 60 pF toroid?
 - Is it a single streamer or not?
 - Did you try with bigger/smaller toroids?
 - How much power your coil uses?

The longest sparks I have got to date are 104".  This is using a 14.4 kv
transformer at about 8 kva.  I have only one 5" x 33" toroid and one 5" x 40"
and I use them both.  I have not tried more but I think the system could drive
it as I get breakout at about one half power.  Not a single streamer, more
like several at once.

Ed Sonderman